Yury Lavrukhin

The Creator's Mindset

I made this note to remind my future self how to maintain a creative mindset and motivate myself to create. Reflected on my fears and obstacles that prevent me from creating.

👨‍🎨 Stay Conscious

A person's current life is just a set of decisions made over time (significantly affected by randomness). We make decisions based on what's in our minds.

Pay close attention to what comes to your mind and strive to consciously consume information.

Nourish your mind with quality information on topics you're interested in, and your life, everything that surrounds you, will change the same way.

🌐 Especially on the Internet

In today's world, it's easy to slip up and start consuming more information than you need. Information consumption in huge portions kills your individuality, your unique life path.

Internet is just a tool.

And it is worth using it in the same way as any other tool — as needed.

Once you'll start using the internet consciously as a tool with the intention in mind — there will be more room for creativity in your brain and you will find peace of mind. In my experience, this is a tremendous life upgrade.

👀 Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Most people live in their informational ghetto and do not realize it. That's why different cultures evolved across the planet and how some people control and manipulate others, but that's the other story…

Always keep your eyes and mind open: learn other's experiences, take time to research different sources of information to get the most full-fledged and objective picture of the topic of your interest.

Don't let yourself get stuck into your informational ghetto.

📜 A Few Rules

That help support the creator's mindset:

Don't forget to rest 🙌🏻

😨 😵‍💫 My Fears and Obstacles

  1. «People will see what I've done. Some of them won't like it and will think that I'm dumb or will make fun of me»

    — While you care about it, other people are just creating things. Let's cure it quickly and get your hands dirty.

    You are not the center of the world. Don't take too seriously what you do. The world won't stop if you will deliver a low-quality product at your beginning. You will get experience, you will learn from it, after a few iterations this process will go smoother.

    Don't be shy of things that you are fond of, your passions and desires. Learn and know yourself (you can change something if you discovered something unwanted), own your strengths and weaknesses and move from this point, know why you're creating, and create.
    Some of the people will see what you did and pass by, others will be interested. It's impossible to be liked by everybody. In fact, many people will like what you did and will support you. In any case — nobody will hurt you and nothing bad will happen.

  2. «Other creators are better professionals than me, they know how to do it, but I don't»

    Creators are not specially prepared people, they are just brave/dare enough to create and share results with others.

    We all start somewhere. Start with your current skill set, pick a thing you wanna do, make a rough draft of what you're trying to achieve and how. Then go for it! Other creators around the world do exactly this.
    Do not think too much about what your close friends will think about what you've done or that you're not skilled enough. Just do what your passion tells you to do.
    What you'll create will be different from what's exists in the world now. And it's OK, it's cool.
    Create, discover great things, make mistakes, evolve, enjoy.

  3. «Nobody will be interested in what I've done»

    — You'll never know if you'll never do.

    Do your best, show it to the world and develop. Don't be afraid and don't hesitate to prove yourself.

🌌 Ending

Creation is the way to learn about yourself, your limits, a way to express yourself.
After all, this is what you will be left with on your deathbed — memories of the things you've done.

Do something today for what you will be proud of tomorrow